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March 29, 2020

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Os Hillman • Entrepreneurship
Whenever you simply say the name "network marketing" in conjunction with a product there is a strong reaction, either very negative or positive. There is no middle ground. Countless people have had a bad experience. However, in this article I want to help you understand that network marketing as a business model is not the issue; it is the people who are affected by a mammon spirit and deceit that takes a person down the wrong road.
Os Hillman • Entrepreneurship
The last four years we have seen unprecedented changes in our world and nation as a result of the worldwide recession. We are reminded of how fragile our economy is and how much of an impact the United States has on other economies. Os Hillman shares what he believes is ahead for the US and world.
Os Hillman • Entrepreneurship
How does God's presence show up in your everyday life? Os Hilman discussed this very important concept in relation to our call...
Os Hillman • Entrepreneurship
It's 6:30 A.M., and CEO Jonathan Cooper is driving to work to meet with a management group in his technology company in San Marco, California. His six-year-old business is a leader in technology, with several award-winning products to its credit. It is known industry-wide for its quality products and superior customer service to its clients.
Jonathan is humming to himself as he drives. Although in many ways he looks like the other early-morning commuters rushing along the highway beside him, Jonathan is different. For one thing, on top of his briefcase on the seat next to him, improbably, there is a shepherd's staff. . . .

Yes, this "staff" is invisible to the casual observer, but Jonathan himself is aware of it as he drives to his office. This staff relates to a story found in Genesis regarding the life of Moses. You see, Moses was a shepherd who was going about his normal workday when God called him to His Service. Since killing an Egyptian man 40 years earlier when he saw him
Os Hillman • Entrepreneurship
Every business should have operational values from which it operates. This document is the Operational Values used by Marketplace Leaders, a business that helps men and women fulfill their calling in and through their work life.
Dr .Peter Wagner • Entrepreneurship
The church, as we would all agree, is not a human institution. The church was designed by the eternal God and instituted by Jesus when He came to Earth. This is a very important assumption because, throughout history, church leaders have tended to deviate from God's blueprint quite radically. The rest of this chapter profiles God's design for the church.

Morris Ruddick • Entrepreneurship
"Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all." (1 Corinthians 12:1, 7)

The most pivotal and strategic initiatives facing the Church, the Messianic Jewish community and Israel can probably be accurately described in the natural as "against all odds."

They are situations bound for failure - unless God shows up. Historically, the way the Lord has "shown" up in instance after instance described in His Word has been through His people - who have learned to hear His voice. The role of God's economy in the course of world events today involves a particular group of leaders whose callings follow after that of the patriarchs.

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