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March 29, 2020

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Os Hillman • Legal Rights
There is a story that is told about a frog that is placed in a pot of warm water. Gradually the water is turned warmer and warmer until it is so hot that the frog does not realize he is being burned to death. He fails to jump out of the pot before it is too late. Such is where we see America right now as it relates to the secularization of society.
The American Center for Law and Justice • Legal Rights
Most employees work for private employers and these employees are primarily protected only by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They may also be protected by laws in their State similar to Title VII. State laws protecting the religious freedom of employees may provide more protection than Title VII, but generally they are very similar to the federal law. This article does not attempt to describe individual state laws therefore employees should consult an attorney who is licensed in their particular state to determine if state law provides them with added protection.

Here, we explain how employees of private organizations are protected by Title VII. The rules of law stated also apply to government employees, but focus on private employees because Title VII is usually their only remedy.

David C. Gibbs, Jr. • Legal Rights
Just how much can you talk about Jesus Christ on the job? Is it legally permissible for managers to mention Bible verses when conversing with clients, or to pray for their employees? At what point does witnessing constitute harassmen4&or does it ever?

US Government • Legal Rights
A summary of legal rights of individuals as it relates to religious freedom in the governmental workplace.
Dudley Rochelle • Legal Rights
10 quick tips to help Christian employers avoid getting sued for religious discrimination

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