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March 29, 2020

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Dennis Peacocke • Leadership
As we all know, the vast majority of adults spend more time working at their jobs in the marketplace than any other social activity. To many, if not most of them, work is "work" - a toilsome tedious necessity that must be done to survive but often carries little of their hearts. It need not be so, but for many it will likely remain their reality.
Dennis Peacocke • Leadership
In a fallen world, how to achieve biblical and lasting transformation is the only real question for those who aspire to be Christ's disciples. Put another way, leading people and building organizations God's way is what all Christian leaders should aspire to do. Once one sees this, studying and walking out God's principles of transformation takes center stage. Indeed, God is in the business of transformation. Continually, I might add.
Larry Burkett • Leadership
A business is a tool to be used by God to demonstrate the truth of the Gospel. In James 1:22 we are told to be "doers" of the Word. A business is the perfect environment for living Christ's truth.
Os Hillman • Leadership
David was a man who knew pressure. Sometimes that pressure was a result of his own doing. Other times it was a result of the calling upon his life.

Everyone has times when pressure is placed upon them. It can bring the fires of adversity upon us when we least expect it. In the workplace, pressure can come in many different ways. A boss may pressure you for more sales. Conflicts may arise when a co-worker views things differently and you begin to accuse one another. A botched job may bring pressure on you to cut corners or to make allowances for other's failures. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Os Hillman • Leadership
God's means of calling us into his mission and purposes of life can often come because of a work-related problem. There are a number of examples of this in scripture. The calling of King Saul as king of Israel is an example of this truth.

Buck Jacobs • Leadership
What if all Christians were buried in the same graveyard? And what if that graveyard was separated into three sections. The first section called "Nominal Christians", the second "Normal Christians", and the third "Radical Christians." Which section do you think would be the largest? Which section would you hope to be put to rest in? This question is intended to be taken seriously. In your true heart of hearts, where would you aspire to be?

Michael Zigarelli, Ph.D. • Leadership
"Knowing" and "doing" are surely distinct entities. Legions of Christians traveling the circuitous road toward sanctification understand this well. We Christians may know what God wills us to do, but often we still don't do it.
Os Hillman • Leadership
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